Quick Website Wireframes

Creating a wireframe quickly…

Custom Website Wireframe - Prototype on Paper - WebAppOne of my biggest pet peeves has always been the fact that while there are tons of website wireframe tools available, the vast majority do not allow a single person to get a wireframe up and running quickly. As a result, usually I resort to simply using tools like Gliffy or Google Drawing to make wireframes as they tend to be quicker. Today I found a new tool (well, it isn’t new, but it’s new to me). It’s called “Prototyping on Paper. The concept is extremely simple, draw your wireframes on paper and then take pictures of the pieces of paper and draw hotspots on the images and link them together! Super cool!

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Social Media Bar – Drop In

social media barHave you, as a web developer, ever wanted a social media bar that you could just drop in somewhere in your wordpress template and have it just work without having to mess with plugins, or strange behavior? Heh, I sure have.

Dealing with the various social media site’s buttons can be fairly maddening to deal with.

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Throwback Memorial Day (Wordperfect 5.1)

wp_000Remember WordPerfect 5.1? I sure do. Of course there isn’t really any way for me to forget about it considering that one of my customers still uses it to this day.

I decided today to give a little bit of an insight into how I made it all work.
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Copyright, Software developers, Android and You!

failmeterToday lets talk about copyright. I had the distinct “pleasure” of receiving an email from the US Department of Justice (Specifically the FBI), informing me that I was a possible victim of a crime.

Immediately I started trying to figure out what had been done to me across state lines that was so terrible that the FBI needed to get involved. I read the entire email, bewildered, trying to figure it out.

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RBTray: Minimize any window to the system tray, at any time

vista_windows_microsoft_minimize_maximize_close_buttons_desktop_2560x1600_wallpaper-85160This is another program I use on a daily basis to solve windows related annoyances. RBTray is a tiny little program that runs in the background and enables the ability for you to right click on the minimize button of any window, and that window will be minimized and sent to the system tray instead of the taskbar. For me it is a must have. There are many windows that I need to have open, but I do not want cluttering my taskbars.
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Icon Restorer: Make your desktop behave the way you want

Desktop ListviewI should probably mention that this is in no way a new program. It’s actually quite old. It’s main purpose is actually a bit different than what I use it for, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

Have you ever wished that you could make your desktop icons sort themselves like they do in windows explorer? I do. I would even take it a step further and say that I essentially want detail view on my desktop, complete with dates, sizes, and scrollbars. Unfortunately, I can’t quite have that, but you can have listview.
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Data Breaches (passwords) and how they effect you

lastpassI keep hearing that passwords are being ‘stolen’ from big corporations. Is this something I need to be worried about?

Short answer, Yes!!! Very much so. It takes longer for me to explain how a hacker nabs your password than it takes to actually do it. The worst part is that a “hacker” stealing passwords doesn’t even have to have much in the way of technical know-how.

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Switching from Windows to Linux

cinnamon-desktop-1.2I’m considering switching my company’s computers over to Linux. Is there anything that I need to know before taking the plunge?

(This is dealing specifically with Ubuntu/Derivatives (such as Mint))

Linux users instantly know what a broad question that can be. Most windows users think that switching to a different operating system is like running “windows that looks different”. Such is not the case, by any means.
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Why is Outlook’s search so bad???

XobniWhy is Outlook’s search so bad???

Lately I’ve been getting this question quite a bit. Customers using outlook tend to have email boxes that are years old, and because Outlook compiles everything (Email, Contacts, etc) into a single file (PST) instead of multiples (the vastly more open “mBox” format (Mozilla Thunderbird uses this format)), that causes huge headaches when dealing with anything that affects/effects all the content of that PST file.

For example, indexing of attachments. This is kind of a big one. Attachments get progressively harder to find the larger a PST files gets, for the same reason that individual emails get harder to find. In short, windows search starts to break down when it comes to heavy lifting.
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Simple Steps to secure (and possibly fix) your computer

msconfigUse msconfig to make sure that no unnecessary programs are starting up with your computer.  To pull up msconfig, simply click start, and type “msconfig” into the search box and press enter. You will be greeted with the msconfig utility. On the startup tab, uncheck everything except your antivirus program and hit apply/ok, and restart your computer. You will likely notice a much faster startup time.

Review your virus protection.  And by review I mean have a look in control panel > installed programs and make sure that multiple anti-virus programs are not running. Multiple anti-virus programs will recognize each other’s signature and flag innocuous files as infected. In this way, anti-virus programs will fight each other to the death.

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