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Custom Website Wireframe - Prototype on Paper - WebAppOne of my biggest pet peeves has always been the fact that while there are tons of website wireframe tools available, the vast majority do not allow a single person to get a wireframe up and running quickly. As a result, usually I resort to simply using tools like Gliffy or Google Drawing to make wireframes as they tend to be quicker. Today I found a new tool (well, it isn’t new, but it’s new to me). It’s called “Prototyping on Paper. The concept is extremely simple, draw your wireframes on paper and then take pictures of the pieces of paper and draw hotspots on the images and link them together! Super cool!

It allows for sharing your wireframes via a link or a site embed.

It only allows for 2 wireframes to be done at a time on the free plan and the other plans are fairly pricey, but if you just need a quick way to wireframe a site, this is one pretty nifty way of doing it.

It is originally designed for creating phone or tablet apps but I find it to be a nifty tool for quick website wireframes. As a freelance web developer you spend a lot of time trying desperately to make everything as efficient as possible. Hopefully with this tool, creating a website wireframe is something you can check off of that list.

How to get it?

It is available on both iPhone and Android, as well as the webapp. One nice thing is that you can use the webapp to create your mockup while using the mobile app to add your pictures to it. At least, that is the way that I did it.


The website embed sharing mechanism isn’t very good. It doesn’t do any scaling whatsoever to the project, so if you do your wireframe at 1280×900 like I did and try to embed it in an area smaller than that, it won’t play very nicely (even when using “embed responsively”).

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