RBTray: Minimize any window to the system tray, at any time

vista_windows_microsoft_minimize_maximize_close_buttons_desktop_2560x1600_wallpaper-85160This is another program I use on a daily basis to solve windows related annoyances. RBTray is a tiny little program that runs in the background and enables the ability for you to right click on the minimize button of any window, and that window will be minimized and sent to the system tray instead of the taskbar. For me it is a must have. There are many windows that I need to have open, but I do not want cluttering my taskbars.

I am very much about productivity. My customers rely on me to get things done quickly and efficiently. Little helper programs like this are part of the reason I am able to be as efficient as I am. In the world of productivity, it’s all about finding what is best for you and what enables you to complete tasks as fast and efficiently as possible. For me, this is one of the greatest (and most used) tools in my arsenal.

You can get RBTray on it’s Sourceforge page here:

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